The Nothing project

Is it possible to take beautiful photos with zero budget? In a world where everything seems to have a price, creatives Seema Sharma and Melissa Lissone wanted to know whether it’s possible to organize a photoshoot with zero budget. Because their motto is ‘no budget is no excuse’ their idea was to get a wealth of cool things for free via auction sites to create various still lifes. 

How did they got everything for free?
From the studio itself, to a vintage tape recorder, to Chinese lucky cat, 8mm film camera, to a keyboard– everything was given for free by people or brands. Seema: “There was one cranky grandpa who got really angry, even threatened to sue us for asking something for free. Nevertheless, most people seemed to find the idea funny and loved to contribute to nothing. That’s why we want to thank all the sweet people who contributed stuff as well as, Harolds Art Supplies, Yoyo Fresh Tea Bar, studio Marawael and Lomography Netherlands – a big thanks for nothing to all of you”.

How are these books involved?
Seema Sharma who’s also a writer, recently launched her book Read Nothing In Here. In celebration of this book and her doodle and sketchbook ‘Write Nothing In Here’, Seema and Melissa thought it was a cool idea to play around with the idea of getting stuff for nothing. 
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